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Posted by on March 3, 2018

pop over to these guys A change of heart 🧡 http://andthismarinewife.com/2015/04/vintage-inspired-gender-reveal-party.html/view-more-httpjessicapreephotography-pass-uslydia-4 A change of plan

To my Root Down tribe:

I know the original plan was that I would be returning to you this week to dig back into the practice and share all of the light I have collected.  However, there is so much light here for me right now, so much of what I have needed for my own healing and restructuring, that I have decided to swim around in this Costa Rican sun and sea a while longer.  The opportunity has presented itself and in my gut I feel the right thing to do is to stay. I suspect this stint of staying put will last through to the end of March.  Call it March Madness if you will!

I’m keeping you all in my heart and on my mind.  I hope you are all safe and sound wherever you may be. I will be in touch again soon regarding specifics about my return.  I am stoked to come back to you all with more inspiration and strength of heart! It’s gonna be a great Spring at Root Down. See you then!

Thank you always for your patience and good-loving-kindness.

Pura Vida,



I am placing the studio on hold until my return at the end of March. No classes nor private sessions.  Again I do apologize for the abrupt decision to clear out this month. I hope you will all continue to move your bodies and stir your spirit regularly!

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

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