ROOTDOWN is here to provide our community with good loving kindness. We provide yoga and physical therapy services in a supportive and educational atmosphere with the intention of enabling our clients to achieve their goals. Yoga is medicine. We are committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga in combination with effective high quality healthcare with safe techniques in order to bring greater health, happiness and well being into the lives of those in our community.

We hope to inspire our community to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through exploring the practice of yoga and movement therapy. We offer group classes as well as individualized exercise prescriptions that support and aide in healing and transformation. Clients often notice an effective progression of functional strength and flexibility is obtained. Private sessions are available as well as a series of weekly yoga classes focusing on Stress Management & Movement as Medicine.

About our approach:

While it appears that absolutely everyone is interested in trying yoga, many are still wary or have had a painful or frustrating experience. You can feel secure in our space while exploring this ancient practice of yoga in an accessible and healing way.  Learn how to move safely and more efficiently. Develop a healthier, more intuitive relationship with your pain and restrictions.

Classes are often taught at a slower pace and designed to educate students on methods and modifications for adapting postures around injury or restriction in order to provide support and healing. Play is an essential avenue to learning, classes are smaller in size and allow for a more playful, less intimidating, experience. No matter the experience or ability level, we believe if you can breathe, you can do yoga. Come practice movement therapy to counteract all that daily life stress!


“I have had the opportunity to work regularly with Ericka since August of 2013 in both her therapeutic practice and yoga practice. I have had numerous injuries from running, two torn rotator cuffs and both knees replaced. Ericka has in depth knowledge of the human muscular skeletal system and a strong desire to help people in their physical recovery. She also has a strong desire to teach her clients to help them keep their physical body working optimally.In her physical therapy practice Ericka seeks to treat the whole body (in my experience most therapists treat the symptomatic part only). My results have been nothing short of amazing – I lost 40 pounds, increased my range of motion in my knees by 18 degrees (115 to 133), Ericka helped me overcome my dislike for kneeling, and the pain in my back, hips and shoulder decreased significantly. I had started yoga about 3 months before I met Ericka and then started practicing with her about 3 months after we met in physical therapy. I was getting hooked on yoga as the benefits combined with physical therapy were really starting to manifest themselves. Ericka combines traditional Ashtanga Yoga with physical therapy practices and has a unique and engaging style. I was hooked even more after practicing with Ericka and continue to practice with her regularly today.I had a strong desire to change my life situation. I think if you couple your own desire with Ericka’s life wisdom, her intimate knowledge of the human body, her desire to help her clients heal and to teach her clients long-lasting therapeutic and yogic practices, you can get significant results and develop a personal practice that you can take with you no matter where you go. My physical body, my life, has been completely transformed with her help, passion and guidance.” -Dan O’Sullivan
“I got SO much out of our session. The awareness that you offered, the sensory info I accessed, and the straight-up excavation work you did was all TREMENDOUS. Gush, gush, gush. I really can’t thank you enough for giving so generously of your time and skill. AND the session convinced me that I NEED to prioritize a round of PT asap.” -Julia T

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