Private Session

I will continue to be available for private session throughout the Summer, however my schedule is filling quickly through July into August at this time! If you are interested in addressing chronic or acute injuries, existing restrictions in your current practice or just want some hands on guidance through a relaxing savasana please reach out via email to book your session.

Solo sessions are not similar to general classes. An intake form will be completed at your initial session. We will discuss your intake form to review your health history. We will also cover what your main concerns and goals are. Postural analysis, breath observation and general mobility assessments are included in the first meeting. From here, positional release, highly intuitive manual adjustments and specific neuromuscular techniques will be utilized to help create a therapeutic restoration of function and decreased pain over time.

As sessions progress, corrected alignment and function is supported by informed prescriptions consisting of functional mobility exercises, breath work, and methods of meditation. Ultimately each client will walk away with a deeper understanding of their body and injury along with the tools needed to further progress healing and manage pain independently.  Individual therapeutic exercise programs can be requested and reviewed with a focus on integrating correct body mechanics that can be infused into daily life or applied to a regular workout routine.

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1 hour $95

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