Private Session

Ericka is perceptive and empathetic bodywork professional with an intuitive understanding of her clients’ needs. She offers sessions that are both healing and transformative, using a combined approach of positional release, visualization, myofascial manual techniques and supportive neuromuscular retraining.

Ericka’s training and philosophy are shaped by her yoga background and extensive study in Physical Therapy and healing practices. Her years of experience and her ability to connect instinctively enable her to perform sessions that leave her clients feeling physically better, and emotionally and spiritually refreshed.


YOGA Instruction

Shape shift to state shift

It is a privilege to share this practice of yoga in an accessible and playful way to inform and elevate the physical and offer access points of surrender, awe and inspiration. I aim to share space, movement  and time in order to be more awake for ourselves and others, to be more kind and to be more open everyday for welcoming our highest assignments.